Nazario Graziano - #diamounostrappoallaSM


Proud to be part as artist for this project by Janssen Italia and Connexia: Diamo uno strappo alla SM.

Nazario Graziano - For POSTE 160

For POSTE 160

My illustration for POSTE 160. A big project with big size prints in Rome.

Nazario Graziano - A Smog Museo

A Smog Museo

In my free time i’m a musician too. This is my personal musical project: A SMOG MUSEO. Enjoy and feel free to follow me.

Nazario Graziano - Interview for ASOL

Interview for ASOL

Talking about my art, collage and inspiration on ART SIDE OF LIFE, here. Thanks Iva.

Nazario Graziano - Interview for Lettera40

Interview for Lettera40

Interview for Lettera40a project to help and support Italian hospitals vs Covid19. Here the interview.

Nazario Graziano - Visual interview for DP

Visual interview for DP

7 questions, 7 illustrations. Visual interview for DesignPlayground. Here.

Nazario Graziano - Interview for Paris Collage Collective

Interview for Paris Collage Collective

My interview for PCC / Paris Collage Collective. LINK, here.

2 days in Milan

… for 2 special events.
A Talk-Lab @ Apple Store and a collage workshop @ Triennale. Great time!

SEI Festival Workshop + Talk

12 and 13 July in Lecce for cool events (Workshop + Talk) for SEI Festival.

Nazario Graziano - JAZZ IT UP! – Exhibition

JAZZ IT UP! – Exhibition

My Jazz Portrait series @Mesa Art Center for “Jazz IT UP!” Exhibition, in Mesa, Arizona (USA), since Sept.14, 2018 to Jan.20, 2019.

HOMEBOUND – Solo Exhibition

Homebound is my first solo exhibition in Italy. Here the report of the event.

Nazario Graziano - Feature on “Collagists in action”

Feature on “Collagists in action”

Some pictures of me at work with analog collage. Glue, scissors, hands. Here the review.

Nazario Graziano - TOOMBES – interview

TOOMBES – interview

Nice website, nice interview. On TOOMBES. Here the interview.

Nazario Graziano - 99 Novantanove Exhibition

99 Novantanove Exhibition

My print SUNNY on “99 / Novantanove” exhibition, in Turin.

Nazario Graziano - Join new agency

Join new agency

I am very happy to announce my official entry into Agency Rush.

Nazario Graziano - M – Le Monde – contributors

M – Le Monde – contributors

Again on M – Le Monde contributors page. Issue 28 November 2015. Merci.

Nazario Graziano - On D.A.T.E. Hub

On D.A.T.E. Hub

5 illustrations, 5 stories. Here. I’m on D.A.T.E Hub for “5×1” project.

Nazario Graziano - Natural Recall – European Exhibitions

Natural Recall – European Exhibitions

After big success in Italy, my illustration for Natural Recall project will join other exhibitions around the Europe:

Istanbul, Paris, Moscow!

Nazario Graziano - JustBaked – Interview

JustBaked – Interview

A nice interview on italian magazine/blog JustBaked. The interview here. (just italian, sorry)

Nazario Graziano - Natural Recall – The book

Natural Recall – The book

Natural Recall Book is out, my illustration ARIA is inside. Beautiful paper, fine details, 136 pages, made with love. Buy here.

Nazario Graziano - Fruitfish | Interview + Shop

Fruitfish | Interview + Shop

The guys at Fruitfish (Taipei, Taiwan) asked me an INTERVIEW and invited me to join FF brand new SHOP. Check it out!

Nazario Graziano - Natural Recall – The Exhibition

Natural Recall – The Exhibition

Good days in Venice for Natural Recall Exhibition. Some pictures here.

Nazario Graziano - BAZR, Paris 2014

BAZR, Paris 2014

Happy to join this (Christmas) Exhibitions in Paris.

Nazario Graziano - Le Cool | Interview

Le Cool | Interview

Interview for a Le Cool Magazine | Rome. Also you can see the cover that i made for the magazine, here.

Nazario Graziano - Una mano per il Gargano

Una mano per il Gargano

Nice and useful project to help Gargano area (Apulia, Italy) after strong flood in September 2014.
21 artists to join the cause. MY CONTRIBUTION here. Website project here.

Nazario Graziano - Work (and nostalgia) in progress

Work (and nostalgia) in progress

Soon on my portfolio and on your wall!

Nazario Graziano - Work in progress

Work in progress

The Dead, according to Epicuro. Soon on (German) paper …

Nazario Graziano - TASCHEN Calendar 2014

TASCHEN Calendar 2014

I’m really happy to join TASCHEN Calendar 2014 with some illustrations.
New year is coming soon … so you need something cool on your desk/wall. Day after day.

Nazario Graziano - Interview for Artnois (L.A.)

Interview for Artnois (L.A.)

New interview for ARTNOIS, Los Angeles based magazine focused on Music and Art. Here the INTERVIEW. Here the whole MAGAZINE.

Nazario Graziano - Interview for Artfuls

Interview for Artfuls

An interview with … me, on Artfuls.

Nazario Graziano - Pretty faces on STYLE :)

Pretty faces on STYLE :)

Me on contributors page of STYLE Magazine by Corriere della Sera.

Nazario Graziano - Pic Nic Book

Pic Nic Book

A selection of my works in this super nice book made in Spain, by Retina y Retinette.

Nazario Graziano - Interview for Lamono

Interview for Lamono

Interview for cool spanish mag, LAMONO. Thanks to Victor and Lamono’s nice guys.

Nazario Graziano - Typo/graphic poster

Typo/graphic poster

A selection of my poster (2006/2012) published on typo/graphic poster project.

Le Monde!

My face and a personal bio on Le Monde Magazine‘s contributors page. Merci beaucoup!
My illustrations are on page 44 … ande here!

Nazario Graziano - Logology2 Book

Logology2 Book

A series of logo makes by me and ADD for brand new book Logology 2 by Victionary.

Nazario Graziano - la Repubblica D

la Repubblica D

On la Repubblica D, a short review of “Pic-Nic” book. My works in.


Nazario Graziano - Superheroes in San Francisco

Superheroes in San Francisco

My print selected for Society6 exhibition “Superheroes” @ D-structure in San Francisco. Here some photos of event.

Nazario Graziano - On ELLE girl – Korea

On ELLE girl – Korea

A nice review about me and my works on ELLE girl – Korea, May 2011 Issue. I don’t understand Korean words … but i hope it’s a positive review !

Nazario Graziano - For Glamour – “Royal Wedding”

For Glamour – “Royal Wedding”

I’m not invited but this is my contribution for wedding of the year , for Glamour (magazine and web).

Nazario Graziano - Advanced Photoshop review / interview

Advanced Photoshop review / interview

A review about my website/portfolio on issue n.80 of Advanced Photoshop. Article titled “Build a strong online presence” and my website is used as good example to create clean and strong structure-portfolio.
HERE you can download the PDF article.

Nazario Graziano - Exhibitions Konen / Bram (Munich, Luxembourg)

Exhibitions Konen / Bram (Munich, Luxembourg)

Spent beautiful days in Munich and Luxembourg, for a series of exhibitions @ Konen and Bram stores. One big thank to all the nice people I met and all the people who made ​​this event possible: Claudia, Gabriele, Katharina, Rita, David, Julia and all cool guys at St.Elmos … and all those I forgot. Thank you so much!

Nazario Graziano - Exhibitions Konen / Bram (Munich, Luxembourg)

Exhibitions Konen / Bram (Munich, Luxembourg)

Hello my friends i’m really happy and excited to announce my new exhibitions in Germany and Luxemburg. You can drink, dance, talk and buy my prints … if you like! I will be glad to meet you! More info e contact: HERE

Nazario Graziano - I’m on Delta Sky Magazine

I’m on Delta Sky Magazine

My profile on “contributors” page of March issue of Delta Sky Magazine . My illustrations are on page 76.

Nazario Graziano - Me & Laqa & Colette

Me & Laqa & Colette

My design for LAQA’s nail polish, available in store COLETTE, Paris  and on-line shop. Coool!


Nazario Graziano - Interview on PROXART

Interview on PROXART

My interview on PROXART, nice community/mag about art, culture from ‘burbs. Thank you guys and Gianna for it.

Nazario Graziano - GQ – November Issue

GQ – November Issue

I’m really happy to join GQ with a series of illustrations, month by month.
The first one is up, with a short bio about me and my works.

Nazario Graziano - IdN – The New Twenties

IdN – The New Twenties

My works on The New Twenties, latest extra book by IdN.


Nazario Graziano - STT Exhibition

STT Exhibition

The guys at Spot the tiger are working on the “Who’s in charge” show. A short preview of some prints will be exhibited (Thank you Mike). Stay tuned ….

Nazario Graziano - Milk Magazine

Milk Magazine

French Magazine MILK with my illustration inside has arrived at my home. Thank you Vincent.

Nazario Graziano - Flashback book … is here

Flashback book … is here

Latest Viction:ary’s Book : Flashback – Retro Design in Contemporary Graphics …has arrived at my STUDIO! Wonderful book. Great contents. My works are in!  Thank you Viction:ary. (Even my friend Mr. Cat Jimi Hendrix has appreciated!)

Nazario Graziano - Interview @ Spot the tiger

Interview @ Spot the tiger

Q&A for Spot The Tiger , interview area.

Nazario Graziano - Interview on Newwebpick #25

Interview on Newwebpick #25

Interview about me, my inspirations and my works on Newwebpick – Issue #25

Nazario Graziano - IdN 15 years Anniversary

IdN 15 years Anniversary

A selection of my works on IdN Book for 15 years anniversary.

Nazario Graziano - Interview on Advanced Photoshop

Interview on Advanced Photoshop

An article/interview about me and my works on UK magazine Advanced Photoshop.

Nazario Graziano - MUSIKRAPHICS


My works in this new amazing book by Victionary.

Nazario Graziano - Spaghetti Grafica

Spaghetti Grafica

A new italian book with my contributions: SPAGHETTI GRAFICA.

Nazario Graziano - Synth Eastwood Exhibition

Synth Eastwood Exhibition

My works shows in latest collective Synth Eastwood Exhibition. Dublin, Ireland.

Nazario Graziano - I’m on Picame.

I’m on Picame.

New italian e-magazine Picame, talks about me and my illustrations. You can read the FREE MAG … here.

Nazario Graziano -

I’m the special guest on Spoonfork. Danke schön. Free from Germany.

Nazario Graziano - Postcard Book

Postcard Book

My works in this book printed by FL@33.

Nazario Graziano - Interview on Newwebpick #8

Interview on Newwebpick #8

Interview @ NEWWEBPICK magazine (Issue n.8), with my old “name” ngdesign.

Nazario Graziano - Issuu featured interview

Issuu featured interview

The guys at ISSUU talks with me about ANTI, RevolverLover and so much more3.

Nazario Graziano - BAK – interview

BAK – interview

My interview on turkish magazine: BAK , issue 11. Thank you Ozan.

Nazario Graziano - On Novum

On Novum

Interview and showcase for one of the most important european graphic-design mag. Thank you Bettina, and NOVUM crew.

Nazario Graziano - IdN


Review of my works + minireel for cd-rom for IdN. Volume 13, n.3 | The Paper Issue.